Bird Deterrents

We stock a wide range of bird proofing solutions including bird/anti-bird netting, bird deterrent spikes, bird wire and posts, solar panel mesh, protective equipment and cleaning supplies. The most popular type of bird proofing solution that we sell is anti-bird netting. It’s a highly cost-effective way of proofing against a variety of species. If using bird netting you must ensure that you select the right mesh size for the species. We stock netting for proofing against sparrows, starlings, pigeons and gulls.

For situations where bird netting is not a suitable bird proofing option, alternative products can be used to suit the specific challenge. We stock bird spike systems which are typically used on ledges and roofs. Our bird spikes are made from marine grade stainless steel and come with plastic bases for easy installation. This can be done using an eco-friendly adhesive that dries in minutes.

In addition to anti-bird netting and bird spike systems, bird wire can be used in conjunction with these bird proofing products. Bird wire and posts are most effective when they are used on ledges and ridges. Post and wire systems are a discrete bird proofing method. The wire and posts are available in a range of sizes and wire thicknesses. Should you require any help choosing the right bird proofing solution please do get in touch.