Climbing net made of Hercules rope, Ø 16 mm, mesh size 30 cm

Climbing net made of Hercules rope
Article number: 6023


Material: Hercules rope
Core: Fibre core
Steel core: made of 6 polyester braided steel strands
Material diameter: 16 mm
Mesh size: 30 cm
Knot connection: plastic knot ball
Breaking strength: 42.0 kN
Nominal strength: 16 N/mm²
Weight per m²: 4.02 kg
Melting point: 260° C
Continuous operating temperature: -40 to +100° C
UV-Resistance: 250 kly
Bending strength & abrasion resistance: good
Weather resistance: good
Tensile strength after two years of climatic influences: 90 %
  • Description

The positive influence of climbing is undisputed. For children in particular, this activity leads to their motor skills being trained and strengthened. Our nets create the incentive for children to engage in these experiences and also ensure maximum safety.

The knot connection with our HUCK plastic knot balls made of HDPE with a diameter of 48 mm have been in use worldwide for decades.

Nets with HUCK plastic adapters are very easy to maintain and repair thanks to their individually replaceable connecting parts.



  • Hercules rope (Ø 16 mm), 6-stranded
    with steel core
  • Knot ball connection with plasic knot ball
  • Colours: 01 green, 04 blue, 05 yellow, 06 black, 066 light grey, 07 red, 08 hemp, 09 coloured
  • Cut-resistant

Important! Please state when ordering:
1) Clear frame dimension
2) Intended fixing side
3) Fastening means
4) Length of fastening required (thread lengths)
5) Rope colour (see colour number above)

Shortage surcharges for climbing nets
Under 1 m² + 50
Under 2 m² + 25


Whether small climbing nets or large netscapes – the HUCK knotted ball provides a reliable and durable connection.

Our climbing nets are designed for many years of use on playgrounds and are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1176. We ensure this quality, among other things, through in-house interval load tests.

We are also happy to offer you individual shapes and designs of our climbing nets. Just get in touch with us!