Glasses frame

Glasses frame Glasses frame Glasses frame
Article number: 5800


Equipment height: 2.50 m
Space requirement: 9.00 x 6.70 m
Min. fall protection: 38.70 m²
Safety zone: 7.30 x 7.30 m
Height of fall: 1.45 m
Concrete necessary m³: 4.25 m³
Number of user: 8
  • Description

New – unique – individual
With innovation we would like to continue to offer a lot of fun in the future in combination with reliable and safe materials.
grant. Together with our customer The Leisure Way – a young team of architects from Spain – we have developed a completely new range of unusual and modern HUCK play equipment. The “spectacle frame” is one of them.

The approach to design, pre-planning, design and implementation was a little different than for other HUCK products.