“Rolli” trampoline for wheelchair users

Article number: 5687


Jumping area: 1,55 x 1,10 m
Space requirement: 1.75 x 3.00 m
Safety zone: 6.35 x 5.10 m
Min. fall protection: 32.40 m²
Height of fall: 1.00 m
Number of user: 7
  • Description
  • Jumping area made from non-slip, vandal-proof mat for medium height jumps
  • Surrounded by fall protection panels (lawn is sufficient outside this area)
  • Frame can be opened or lifted out
Being active is good for you – and that goes equally for people with limited mobility. The trampoline “Rolli” was developed for wheelchair users. The tramploine is inserted in the ground and can be safely and easily accesed thanks to its bevelled edge panels. The flexible trampoline area produces gentle swinging and swaying motions regardles of the weight of a person. As the size is compact, the companion can be in direct contact with the wheelchair user – this is important, for example, for people with severe disabilities.
Upon request also in combination with sun protection sails and guy ropes for self-contained examples!