Trampoline 2000, for installation in the ground

Trampoline 2000
Article number: 5694


Jumping area: 1.75 x 2.50 m
Space requirement: 2.25 x 3.00 m
Safety zone: 5.75 x 6.50 m
Min. fall protection: 37.40 m²
Height of fall: 1.00 m
Number of user: 8
  • Description
  • Jumping area made from non-slip, vandal-proof mat for medium height jumps
  • Surrounded by fall protection panels (lawn is sufficient outside this area)
  • Frame can be completely opened or lifted out

Tried and tested for more than 20 years!
Offers guaranteed quality in long-term use and is popular among all age groups, thus making it the perfect break-time equipment in school playgrounds! Delivered completely ready to play on for simple set up on grass or sand surfaces, or alternatively for ground-level installation with concrete foundations or for quick, simple installation with buried/dig-in frames. Due to the design the jumping height is reduced to a safe extent!