Netting & Rope

Huck are one of the best-known netting manufacturers in the UK. We supply a range of different netting solutions to businesses and consumers all over the world. Huck Nets started in 1996 and has grown to become the UK’s largest netting manufacturers, suppliers and installers. 

Despite being best known for our sports netting, safety netting and industrial netting we also manufacture a range of other netting. Garden netting is one of our most popular categories.  

Our garden netting section contains everything you might need including aviary netting, pond netting and decking netting and rope. We can also provide garden netting for fruit cages and anti-insect netting for crops.   

As well as selling garden netting online we also sell close mesh sheets. These are another popular item and can be used in a range of different scenarios. On building sites debris netting it is commonly used on scaffolding to protect workers, the public and property from harm and damage. Heavier and flame-retardant sheets of 320g/m2 close mesh are also available. These may be used as screens or to protect from heavier falling items. 

Bridport is commonly associated with being one of the first places in the country to manufacture rope. Although parts of the process have modernised, we still sell a mixture of different rope and twine. 

Rope is best used in conjunction with safety netting and for bigger jobs where strength and durability is required. We sell polypropylene and polysteel rope by the coil. Twine is much thinner and can be used for smaller projects and in the garden. Our twine is available in a range of different colours and thicknesses and is sold by the spool or in 100m lengths.   

If you have any questions about choosing the correct type of garden netting, close mesh or rope please do give us a call on (0255) 6 28 28 28. Our team are more than happy to help.