Bat Netting – Prevent Bats from Your Houses and Attics

Bat Netting is a heavy duty netting used to humanely prevent bats from entering unwanted areas. The netting is made from a U.V. protected mesh and is hung as a barrier to block bats from entering eaves, attics, and other places. We offer a complete line of professional grade installation hardware to suit any job and can assist with design and installation.

Are Bats roosting on places that they are not wanted? Or are you in need of netting for within your bat houses? Industrial Netting provides a human way of excluding bats from roosting sites within gardens or buildings and it also provides plastic netting for bats to cling to within bat houses. Plastic bat control netting is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-conductive. It is a way for you to guard against the safety and health hazards that bats create, without inflicting trauma upon them. Once installed, Bat Net is nearly invisible and very easy to clean. It can also be fabricated into custom shapes and sizes for your needs.

Not only does Industrial Netting provide you with netting to keep bats out, but it also provides netting that can be installed within bat houses. Plastic bat house netting is stapled to the inside of bat houses to provide a surface for bats to cling to. The surface of our bat house netting is rough making it easier for bats to grip. Unlike metal screening, UV stabilized plastic netting will not rust from condensation and urine from bats.

We provide environmentally friendly, humane, and effective bat net products for your specific needs.



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