Custom Golf Netting From HUCK

At HUCK Golf Netting, we offer only the highest quality barrier nets for golf courses, driving ranges, home installations, and more. Our golf netting is made of the finest quality materials and is professionally installed by our experienced team, so that your commercial golf net is built to last.

Commercial golf netting is vital as it can keep long drives on the course where they belong and away from yards, windows, cars, and neighborhood homes. Our superior quality nets will help to protect course owners and managers from litigation and provide valuable protection for adjacent neighbors. Professional golf netting and driving range netting will protect your customers and neighbors.

Professional Golf Netting Installs

Our professional team at HUCK Golf Netting are trained and experienced in commercial net installations. We have completed a wide variety of installations with projects ranging from 25 feet to 125 feet tall, and can install taller nets if needed. We handle the entire installation job from start to finish. Our process includes:

Working with you on the design and general consulting of your commercial netting project

Running all necessary cabling, hardware and rigging

Sewing a poly rope border into the sections of netting

Stretching all cables and hanging netting

With HUCK, every installation is custom fit for the job at hand. We work with you to ensure that you get the perfect custom net installation for your needs. We see every project through from start to finish. We want you, our customers, as well as your customers and neighbors, to be happy with every installation we do. That’s why we work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Commercial Golf Netting

We believe that there’s no such thing as a “typical” golf driving range netting installation. Some companies believe that every netting purchase and installation is alike, but at HUCK, we know that every customer has different needs and different applications. That’s why we bring all of our experience and expertise to every golf course and driving range netting installation job. The team members at HUCK Golf Netting are your netting design and installation experts. We are not a general construction contractor. We don’t work on sidewalks, utility construction, culverts or anything else. Golf netting, driving range netting and landfill/debris netting are not sidelines for us; they are our only focus.

The growth of the game of the golf only continues to move forward. The consistent need for golf netting that covers a wide range of needs for individuals, golf courses, and even driving ranges gives us the ability to promise you that regardless of what you may need in the way of custom golf netting, we can help.



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