How Should The Orchard Anti-Bird Net Be Erected And Maintained?

The height of the fruit trees in the orchard should be based on the height of the fruit trees. The column must be more than 1.5 meters higher than the height of the fruit tree. If the column is not high enough, a support can be added to the top of the column. The required height is 1.5 meters. Avoid damage to the net due to the growth of crops and strong winds, which reduces the loss of farmers and increases the life of the net.

For the area of the orchard, we also take a 50mx18m plot as an example. The steel pipe brackets are installed horizontally and vertically every five to six meters, and the bottom is to be poured with cement. The depth of the cement is about 50 cm. Then fix it on the ground so that the column is firm and stable. The erection of bird-proof nets in orchard should connect the iron wires horizontally and vertically with iron wires to form a grid. After fixing the two ends of the iron wires, the iron wires should be tightened with a wire tensioner, and then fixed, the next step can be set up. Then put the net on the shelf and fix the two sides of the net line.

Since the fruit trees are taller, a longer netting tool must be used. In the netting process, pay attention not to be too fast. It is also carried out according to the principle of first in the middle and then on both sides. After the sky net is erected, a side net with a suitable height should be selected to erect the four facades.

Now let’s talk about the maintenance of the anti-bird net.

Maintenance of anti-bird net

Check the use of the anti-bird net from time to time.

If branches emerge from the net, they should be cut off in time to prevent the net from being broken.

Due to the wind and sun, hail and rain, the anti-bird net is prone to holes, so it needs to be repaired in time. When repairing, the fishnet line can be used to repair it by knotting.

Another thing is to pay attention to check whether there are any birds that have accidentally fallen on the anti-bird net. If there are any birds, they must be cleaned up in time to prevent the bird’s body from decay and affect the service life of the net.



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