Shade Netting’s Uses, Advantages And How Beneficial It Is For Agricultural Purposes

Agricultural Industry today faces more hardship due to the extreme weather conditions and the change in rainfall patterns over the years. Agriculture has also shifted majorly since the green revolution as today agriculture is not limited to any particular place as it was in the past, today it is possible to cultivate almost anything, anywhere and a part of the reason is the invention of shade set one of the modern inventions that have helped take the agricultural industry to the next level.

The main function of shade nets is to reduce light intensity and it does that as it is created by using Polyethylene thread with UV treated material used to block out or reduce the intensity of the light that comes through from the net. This not only blocks the shade out but also traps the heat that is inside creating the optimum conditions needed for crop growth which makes sure that the crop can grow in an off-season also which is efficient given the demand of the population right now.

Shade nets provide a lot of important advantages which makes it indispensable and important for any type of agricultural venture today may it be a small-scale farming activity or a large-scale commercial farm.


The advantages of shade net are:

  1. Helps in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers in off seasons and regardless of climatic conditions outside. It helps in providing the optimum climatic conditions due to which the production is also high.
  2. Shade Net is used in Nurseries especially fruit and flower nurseries where the shade is used to keep the plants in shade and for them to grow and receive their required nourishment.
  3. It is also good for protection against pests and other rodents that infect a field.
  4. They are most effective in reducing the mortality rate of young plants and allowing them to grow in optimum weather conditions and for them to become strong and develop strong tissues.

This was an overview of shade nets: their uses, advantages and how beneficial it is for agricultural purposes in today’s time.

Shade netting is used for a range of different applications both in the trade and in the home. It is very versatile and are commonly used as shade netting, windbreak netting and to cover skips and lorries that are transporting waste or rubbish.

We manufacture this material in a range of weights and colors and can supply close mesh in rolls or bespoke sizes attached to netting.



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